The Milwaukee Brewers made one significant move during

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The Milwaukee Brewers made one significant move during

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Is the lefty worth the compensation pick?" the Winter Meetings: acquiring Alex Claudio from the Texas Rangers for their Competitive Round A draft pick Ben Gamel Jersey , 40th overall in the 2019 MLB First Year Player Draft. The trade brings Major League Baseball to rarely traveled territory by sending a big league player for a draft pick. So, what does the cost actually come out to?Those who’ve followed my work on this website and social media know this trade was a downer for me. The draft is fun, I love to follow the minor leagues, and it takes a huge draft tool away from David Stearns and company in the form of a high pick and, perhaps more importantly, the bonus slot money that comes with it. So, I asked that I have the opportunity to break down the cost of the trade to see if my initial disappointment was correct, or if this is actually a deal to be excited about.Claudio is a valuable, but unremarkable major league reliever. He has a career ERA of 3.20 in 230.2 IP. He’s not a strikeout specialist, whiffing just 6.2 per 9 innings. Meanwhile, he does control the ball well enough to limit walks, as shown by his 1.9 career BB/9. His career looked substantially better before a rough performance last season, but I’m always willing to give some flexibility in performance to young pitchers used inconsistently.The benefits for Milwaukee go beyond Claudio’s potential performance. He’s a reliever who was regularly used in multi-inning appearances and has a player option remaining. This plays right into the way Craig Counsell uses his bullpen, with players bouncing between leagues as needed and going long stints when needed. AND Claudio is under team control for three more seasons.The 40th overall pick holds some different value for Milwaukee. Last year, the #40 overall pick had a slotted bonus of nearly $1.8 million. The Brewers currently pick at #28 overall for their standard draft pick, which would give them around a $2.4 million bonus based on the previous year’s total. Milwaukee would have a 75% increase on their first round pick allotment with that total. Looking historically at the success rate of the 40th overall pick, only 18 of the 54 players selected with that pick have played in the majors. Of those 18, only nine have a positive WAR according to Baseball Reference. So, just 17% of the players drafted in that round have had some value at the highest level. At a 5.2 career WAR , Claudio would be the sixth best player drafted at #40 overall.While that’s important to note, it doesn’t necessarily explain the true value for the pick. Since Stearns has taken over at GM, the team has been exceptional at using excess draft money to sign players looking for a big payday in later rounds. Those players include Tristen Lutz, Chad McClanahan, Je’Von Ward, Max Lazar, and Nick Egnatuk. Only one is currently ranked as a substantial prospect in the org, but most of the players are young and can still develop into something special.Although that pick would have given the Brewers more draft flexibility, the more I look into it, the Brewers don’t really need that cap space. They are good at getting value from the draft and still signing players to under-slot contracts that create the draft flexibility. Although there is a chance that Milwaukee could end up getting a substantially better player than Claudio, it’s incredibly unlikely. If the Brewers wanted to sign a reliever like Claudio to the team, they’d likely be spending at least $5 million on the open market. Instead, they get three years of arbitration control, a non-guaranteed contract, flexibility to move him up and down from the majors to minors as they see fit, and youth. When you start looking at it, it was truly a no-brainer for the team, who had a need for another left-handed reliever to pair with Josh Hader.While I always would rather have another prospect to analyze and, potentially Mitch Haniger Jersey , interview, Stearns made a great move, proving why I’m just some guy writing about his players and he’s the one running the show.Statistics courtesy of Baseball-Reference LOS ANGELES (AP) — Christian Yelich made it to the World Series, just not the way he hoped.The Milwaukee Brewers star accepted the Hank Aaron Award as the outstanding offensive player in the National League before Game 3 between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday. Boston slugger J.D. Martinez was the AL recipient.Yelich and the Brewers were one win shy of reaching their first World Series since 1982, but lost to the Dodgers in Game 7 of the NL Championship Series. Yelich said he isn’t over the disappointment yet, but he’s tried to move on.“To be that close is definitely disappointing, but like I said earlier, use that as motivation throughout the offseason and into next season,” Yelich said. “It was a great learning experience for us as a team and I think it’s going to help us going forward.”Yelich and Martinez each won the award despite being in their first seasons with their respective clubs. Yelich, acquired in a trade from the Miami Marlins, led the NL with a .326 batting average, was second in RBIs with 110 and third in home runs with 36.Martinez, who signed with the Red Sox as a free agent, led the AL in RBIs (130) and finished second in home runs (43) and batting average (.330).“My goal going in was to be the player that they traded for, nothing more, nothing less, and just contribute to what they already had going there,” Yelich said. “It was an unbelievable year. It was a lot of fun.”Martinez made it three straight years that a player on a World Series team has taken home the award. The Cubs’ Kris Bryant and the Astros‘ Jose Altuve were the previous two.“I feel very honored to receive it from where I was five years ago to today. It’s really a blessing,” said Martinez , who struggled early in his career with the Astros before thriving the past five seasons with the Tigers, Diamondbacks and Red Sox.The award, in its 20th year, is presented to the top hitter in each league as determined by a panel of several Hall of Famers and fan voting.Aaron said during Friday’s presentation that the sport is in good hands with players like Yelich and Martinez. One of the things he wishes, though, is that some of the game’s top players would be a little more embarrassed to strike out.“It always was embarrassing to me. I never, and I said this, bragging about my career for 23 years, that, no, I never struck out 100 times,” he said. “It was quite embarrassing to me if I walked up to the plate, even facing pitchers like (Don) Drysdale or (Sandy) Koufax and those guys, if they got me one time, I felt I could go home and sleep well at night. I felt very well that I had a very good night striking out once a night rather than four times.”

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