I'm a huge fan of Diablo Immortal

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I'm a huge fan of Diablo Immortal

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People are what makes a company great. When you have a mass exodus such as at Diablo Immortal, the company that you loved is then basically dead. Its just a name on official letterhead at that point. I have mourned WoW Diablo, and the stables that used to make me giddy with enthusiasm. Diablo Immortal was killed by Activision. Will I buy another Diablo Immortal match? But it wont be a day you buy Diablo Immortal Gold. I no longer blindly trust.

I'm a huge fan of Diablo Immortal and have been playing their matches for 20 decades, yes, since 1999 I had been playing with starcraft 1. Anyways, I'm very excited for Diablo Immortal, I think that it's going to be an amazing game. I already play pubg mobile on my telephone and I would much rather be playing a Diablo Immortal game. Sounds fucking awesome. Oh, also I enjoy BFA. I have a great deal of pleasure playing and like wow's condition. Everyone online is so damn butthurt on the very simple shit. Fucking and everyone wants to complain shout though they could do it themselves.

You should be thankful that we have the technology and liberty that we have today to even play these games for hours each day. If I was stranded on an island and stuck with only wow and a desk: bfa, I'd think it was the best fucking thing ever. Stop taking everything for granted. Love these matches because they do while you can expire. I play with with warcraft 3 tower defense games and can go back and they've all been shit since. As it was, wow classic will never be the same. Lighten up net community, you do not realize that we're living in"the great times." ?

In my opinion, blizz has taken a turn for the worse....they have completely discounted fans' requests with their overt recoursive activities in many matches, imposed what they thought were"quality of life" purposes, but in reality, destroyed many of their popular games, like WoW, Diablo3, all for creating the procedures of engineering skills, equipment, and other functions simpler for them....Like eliminating PvP equipment from WoW, and tripping stupid skill setups that make everyone's characters/classes the specific same....they have fallen in their grace, at their own demise....Blizz is NO LONGER my favorite gaming production company for all these, and a lot more reasons....thnx for the information Rhykker....always good info on yur station!!?

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